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We have been serving the East Bay area for over 20 years we have the experience needed to tackle any situation. With all those years of experience we have constantly been developing our business to offer better services for our customers. We want to remain competitive in the taxi business and rise to the top of quality standards for our customers. We offer many services to meet all our customers’ needs.


·         We offer the best public services in the taxi business and also offer services to nursing homes, handicapped services, hospitals, doctor’s offices, school districts, automobile dealers, all at regular taxi fares, no extra cost.

·         You can book a cab online or by telephone. Our dispatchers and taxis are available 24/7.

·         Booking in advance is easy online, and we can be there for the arrival and departure times at airports.

·         We offer car seats for infants and small children, just let our dispatchers know and we can have a car seat ready.

·         Yellow Cab Express also offers delivery service for small packages in the delivery area, and also door to door delivery.

·         Our cab fares are based on the taxi itself not the number of people riding. One person pays the same as four people, making our cabs affordable for everyone.

·         All our cabs are equipped with GPS and Credit Card readers. This makes traveling easy for you and you don’t have to worry about carrying cash.

·         We offer Airport to Airport transportation to make catching your flights easier.

·         We offer business accounts to make traveling expenses easier to manage. Our business accounts are also more manageable with monthly itemized billing.

·         Our mini vans are equipped with video surveillance cameras for safety purposes.

·         All our cabs are kept clean because we know a clean ride is a comfortable ride. Cleanliness is important when keeping a family friendly atmosphere.

·         Every taxi in our fleet is insured so if there is an accident we take full responsibility.

·         We offer school drop-off and pick-up for special needs children.

·         We keep records of cab numbers and the location of pick up to help reduce pick up times or any other complaints.

·         We take feedback from our customers seriously, and take every measure to correct any issues in our business.